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Tram Lisbon
Photography by Kristina Mitrovic

Portugal Holidays, Why go to Portugal?

The Atlantic Ocean beaches are more temperamental in the north and more docile in the south. Choose the cities by the sea for a cosmopolitan and captivating atmosphere. Some of them, like Lisbon and Porto, are divided between the river and the ocean. Great rivers that cross the country like the Douro are guardian to appetizing tastes, traditions and wine and offer an array of beautiful scenery that is worth the trip.

Take advantage of Madeira’s balmy weather conditions and the variety of sports opportunities available all year round, and make sure to make the most of the natural treasures.
Whichever Portugal attractions you are looking forward to discovering on your Portuguese holiday, our travel experts are on hand to create your dream holiday.

Flights to Portugal
There are many daily scheduled services from all over Europe to the major cities of Portugal, as well as charter flights to Faro and Madeira. Please be aware that the air travel market is constantly changing, therefore, we recommend to contact us for an updated version of flight destinations, timetables and fares.
Things you need to know about Portugal

Time difference: GMT

Weather in Portugal:
Mainland Portugal - The climate in Portugal varies considerably from one region to another and is influenced by the relief, latitude and proximity to the sea, which offers mild winters, especially in the Algarve. In the Porto e Norte area and Beiras region, particularly inland, nearer Spain, the winters are colder, although the temperatures are still mild when compared to the rest of Europe.
The subtropical characteristics of the weather in the Madeira Archipelago can be explained by its geographical position and mountainous relief. The climate in Madeira is exceptionally mild, with average temperatures varying between 24 ºC in summer and 19 ºC in winter


Visa requirements: Holders of a valid EU ID or Passport do not need a visa to enter Portugal
Health: No vaccinations are required to enter Portugal.

By Kristina Mitrovic


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