Remember the amazing Bentley Muslanne Executive Interior Concept ? A beauty like that cannot be easily forgotten, so we are pretty sure you do remember how stunned you were when it was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.

Now the same awesomeness is finally ready for production. Cutting edge technologies make the rear quarters of the car a true business paradise! For starters, the package includes two electronic wood veneer folding picnic tables that hold iPads and wireless (Bluetooth) keyboards. Apple’s Magic trackpads offer a plus of control over what happens on the iPads.

What’s really breathtaking, though, is the 15.6-inch screen that descends from the car’s roof and which can be controlled via the iPads. In order to avoid distracting the driver, the rear passengers can watch what happens on the big screen and use Bluetooth headphones to also hear the action. Two smaller 8-inch screens are incorporated into the headrests of the front seats.

Other luxe features include a telephone and a Tibaldi pen in the armrest, and even a Mac Mini computer in the trunk of the car. In order to install all these technologies inside the beautiful Muslanne, the team of craftsmen needs some 170 hours of meticulous work. The final result is absolutely stunning!

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