"The country that makes the soul grow"
Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Morocco Holidays, Why Choose Morocco?

Morocco Beach Holidays
The cool blue water flowing over the sand of the beaches is in direct contrast with the hot white sands of the desert, while the greens of fertile valleys contrast with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. The country is romantic and mysterious and there is little wonder that Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa.
Morocco, Full of lnterest
The main starting points are the more popular cities such as Marrakech, Tangier, Fes and Casablanca. At each of these places, you will find the usual mixture of medinas, bazaars, riads and luxury hotels.
Romance in Morocco
Morocco is a fascinating and romantic destination for a honeymoon and will surely leave an impression that will linger forever. Most hotels in Morocco offer honeymoon discounts and/or honeymoon packages.
Visa requirements: Holders of a valid EU Passport do not need a visa to enter Morocco.
For more information contact the Moroccan Embassy/Consulate in your country.


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