Vendôme Suite

Majestic chandeliers reflecting amber light and prestigious Louis XV furnishings mark the Vendôme Suite’s unique elegance and style, where the warmth of the carmine and ivory surroundings recreate the comfort of a private home. Through the large windows, the view spans across the sumptuous place Vendôme – a detail of the utmost significance.
The Vendôme Suite comprises one or two bedrooms, a living room and Carrara marble bathrooms.

César Ritz Suite

As a tribute to its founder, this suite prevails over the Place Vendôme, where César Ritz envisioned the most distinguished of hotels. Representing the comfort, warmth and elegance of the “Ritz style” par excellence, the decoration of this unique suite features precious works of art, Louis XV furnishings, and gold-leaf doors that glorify the splendour and intimacy of one of Paris’s most exquisite homes. 
The César Ritz Suite comprises one bedroom, a living-room, and two Carrara marble bathrooms.

Elton John Suite

A tribute to the famous artist and loyal guest to the Ritz Paris.
Overlooking the Place Vendôme, this spacious apartment with soft pink Mansart-style walls is an inspiring haven of tranquility.
The Elton John Suite is comprised of one bedroom, a living-room, and two bathrooms, one with a sauna, and the other with a separate shower.
Windsor Suite 

This supremely romantic suite bears witness to a passionate love affair that dramatically rocked the English throne.
The Louis XV furnishings and gold-leaf mouldings offer the perfect counterpart to the Wallis blue, a colour dear to the Duchess. The Duke of Windsor is said to have written a portion of his memoirs in this suite, where the vast windows provide a stunning view out onto the Place Vendôme. Breathe in the rich history of this suite and experience the sensation of tranquility.

Coco Chanel Suite
Coco Chanel bathroom

 “The Ritz is my home”, Coco Chanel.

Exquisite and serene, the Coco Chanel Suite  is unique. The elegance and the femininity of the suite is heightened by its breathtaking view onto the Place Vendôme. Amidst the boisterous affairs of Parisian High Society in the Roaring Twenties, the famous designer made this suite her home. To this day, Coromandel laquerware, rock crystals and large mirrors pay tribute to Mademoiselle Chanel’s personal taste and elegance

This Prestige Suite is comprised of a living-room, one or two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one of which has a jacuzzi and a steam room, and a view onto the gardens

The Ritz Paris
15, Place Vendome
75001 Paris

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