Sitting on the edge of this marina, I admire the great and surprising city of Singapore. Tall futuristic buildings, lots of lights and surprise at every moment, here is the great Singapore, where time seems to stand still. A light breeze touches my face and the humidity reminds me of the work of these men and women who worked hard to give all the glory to the name that shines before me, affixed to a building resembling a boat. The name Louis Vuitton is shining. Just over 150 years, the ingenuity of a man and the talent of his successors, that's what it took to make the name Louis Vuitton the symbol of a wealthy class and the reflection of a lifestyle desired by a new generation. Sitting on that bench, I remember these people in the Parisian store on the Champs-Elysees queuing to enter the shop.

I remember also that it all started with a trunk, the one that takes the most valuable assets of these very wealthy individuals. Today, times have changed, traveling became much easier but the dream of a man continues his journey. The trunk is this precious object that families move sparingly. The leather bags have become much more convenient to transport the most valuable. The monogram is then a sign of excellence, a touch of glamor and a reflection of French know-how that could disappear without the amazing power and the desire to renew of Louis Vuitton. The lamp lights . A car picks me up, it is time to enter the arena for a spectacle, that of the opening of the new Louis Vuitton.

I tighten my tie, properly replace my suit and reviews the major cities where Louis Vuitton has set up its luxury. Paris of course, New York surely, London inevitably, and Singapore finally ... Here I am. The building made of glass is impressive. It looks like a boat moored at the Marina.  The brand has over 400 stores in over 60 countries, but tonight I find myself in the heart of a prestige, that of Louis Vuitton. The difference? On a few hundred square meters, the precious bags or trunks and refined collections of ready-to-wear and jewelry creations are arranged in open space.

And a great setting more intimate for monogram lovers to find a luxury signed of Louis Vuitton. As for art, travel, and reading lovers, they will discover with pleasure a gallery dedicated to the art, a library and especially a setting where the journey will become a reality. Lights are moving towards this building. They signal the opening of the 11th Louis Vuitton House. The doors open. The speech begins. The attention is at its most. Welcome to Singapore Louis Vuitton!
Website Louis Vuitton, copyright : Louis Vuitton

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Design: Peter Marino Architect
Shading Skin Consultant: FTL Design Engineering Studio
Pavilion Design: Moshe Safdie

Yves Carcelle Chairman and CEO Louis Vuitton


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