Eiffel Tower, Seine river

Arc de Triomphe
 Suite in Paris
Cannes, La Croisette
St. Jean Cap Ferrat
Cap Ferrat
Private relaxing
Arriving at the Grand Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat
 Gourmet - Foie gras

Holidays to France

L'Art de Vivre is a French expression which translated means "The art of living". For the French, especially in southern France, the art of living means profiting from the riches that daily life has to offer. The beauty of the sunrise, a delicious meal, a delicate glass of wine, or an evening spent with friends.

Calling all Francophiles, along with those who love to discover more about French culture. From prehistoric caves to the standing stones of Carnac; from the finest art collections in the Louvre or Orsay museums, to parks and gardens that offer a moment of reverie; from the architectural masterpieces of the past abbeys, cathedrals and châteaux such as Chenonceau, Blois and Chantilly, to today's impressive monuments like the Arch at La Défense, or the Centre Georges Pompidou; from sites of intimate charm like the Clos-Lucé d'Amboise, where Leonardo da Vinci once lived, to the château of Auvers-sur-Oise where Impressionism blossomed, each tells its own story - its traditions, its residents, its character.

France for Weddings and Honeymoons

A wedding ceremony or a honeymoon in France will combine the traditional values of marriage and the most exciting celebration in romantic scrivener! A civil wedding in France requires legal procedures and advance planning, as well as a minimum stay of 4 weeks to complete the necessary documentation prior to the legal ceremony. Or you can have a legal wedding in your own country, and then choose either a religious ceremony or your honeymoon in France. From a royal chateau to a yacht wedding, France offers a great variety of memorable places and fabulous experience.

There are many daily flight and train services to the major cities in France. Please be aware that the air travel market is constantly changing, therefore, we recommend to contact us for an updated version of flight destinations, timetables and fares.

Useful Information when Traveling to France

Time difference: GMT +1 in winter, GMT +2 in summer

Weather in France: Continental France is divided into four climatic zones:
Oceanic and humid climate with often cool summers to the west of a line from Bayonne to Lille
Semi-continental climate with harsh winters and hot summers in Alsace, Lorraine, along the Rhône corridor and in the mountainous massifs (Alps, Pyrenees and Massif Central)
Intermediate climate with cold winters and hot summers in the north, and in the Paris and central regions
Mediterranean climate with mild winters and very hot summers in the south of France.

Currency: Euro
 Visa requirements: Holders of a valid EU  Passport do not need a visa to enter. For more information
                                          contact the French Embassy / Consulate in your country.

French wine & cheese
Extraordinaire view



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