Italy- Why visit Italy?

Italy is renowned for its effortless class and culture. Famous for its art, food, fashion and with no shortage of destinations to consider; from a city break to the lakes, or the Amalfi Coast and jewels like islands such as Capri, to Sicily for a summer escape with all the family; Italy has the charm and a variety to suit everyone.

Italy Honeymoons

It is not surprising at all that Italy routinely ranks among the top honeymoon destinations in the world. But where in Italy should you spend your honeymoon? That might be the most challenging question to answer, because there are so many places in Italy that seem tailor-made for a romantic vacation of any kind.

Flying to Italy

There are many flight links to Italian airports. The main airports are two in Rome: Fiumicino and Ciampino.

Useful Information for your Holiday to Italy

Best Time to Travel: May to October for summerholidays or December to mid March for skiing

Time difference: GMT + 1

Weather in Italy: Italy can be divided into three distinct geographical regions: the southern side of the Alps where Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia; the great plain of the Po valley from Turin to Venice; and the long and mountainous peninsula of central and southern Italy together with the large islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Each of these regions has a distinctive and different type of weather and climate. Occasionally all parts of Italy experience very high temperatures in summer and even autumn when the sirocco blows. This is a warm, humid wind that originates over North Africa and acquires its humidity over the Mediterranean. A spell of sirocco weather in autumn often ends with very heavy rain accompanied by thunder. Sea temperatures around Italy are usually sufficiently warm to make bathing pleasant from mid-May until October, but the water can be surprisingly cold on warm sunny days in spring.

Currency: Euro
Visa requirements: Holders of a valid EU  Passport do not need a visa to enter Italy.
Health: No vaccinations are required to enter Italy


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