As a renter, you're likely stuck with white walls. Boring, right? 
But then again, you seem to have no trouble scoping out gorgeous rooms making white walls look chic, clean and surprisingly really interesting.

 How exactly do they do it? To discover the secret, I found five beautiful photos of rooms with white walls to try and discover what they had in common.

It turns out, as is true in fashion, the polish on a classic like clean white walls is all in the accessories. 
These five rooms show us that a punchy finishing touch (or three) gives your clean slate a commanding focal point and takes the boring right out of your white washed room.
A Bright Headboard

White bedrooms can feel totally serene and hotel-like (in a good way). The most natural place for a colorful focal point is at the head of the bed.

 Find or make a brightly colored headboard to frame the bed and set lightly-colored linens away from the wall.


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